Foundation Degree 

2017 - FLA foundation in UAL

Undergraduate Degree 

2020 - Goldsmiths University BAFA (first class honour)




2017 - one-year gallery in Seoul

           일년만 미슬관


2017 - GALERIE GAIA in seoul

           갤러리 가이아

2020 - Surface gallery in Nottingham 

           Personal space: 


Up comming

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The aim of my work is understanding myself. 

My practice deals with culture and ambiguous identity. I always struggle with the identity of who I am. Through the Freud’s psychoanalysis, I analyse who I am and sub-burden desire, trauma, memories. I reveal these sub-burden egos to audiences and arouse the feeling of facing reality.  

I am always trying to figure out my identity. However, my identity could not be defined because these keep changing with the rapidly changing society. Therefore, I am endlessly trying to regulate who I am within my culture. 

 I am playing with the diversity of my cultural background and variety knowledge. My strength is compounding various cultures and find the liminal place. This liminal place lets people into my work and lets them understand the complexity of my reality. This understanding of my reality is the purpose of my work and what I am trying to pursuit through my art. 




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